just a few square meters and the kids have fun:)

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with a pinch of yesterdays

with a pinch of yesterdays

Few years ago, as we were hollowing out our house, I stumbled upon these scenes; 
Don’t we know that children are adepts at turning shit to gold? So it’s a breeze for him to turn these thrown away bricks into something beautiful …

Unfortunately, I only had my phone with me (taking into account the fact that I should have been working too …?), so everything besides our beloved dog was shot with my phone.
But hey, I think it did the job quite well;]
This implicates that everything you hear was created afterward by me doing heavy foley. Only the drilling hammer was extracted from the phones footage.

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having this dream …

having this dream ...

small the steps, fatal the outcomes; a prolonged adventure, this gingerly quest … – in a world demanding for another kind

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