the sound within us

holistic audio production: conception, production, sound design – and post production

in short, i do high-quality on-site-recordings, editorial and technical audio editing as well as creative sound design.
educated in environment protection and pedagogy, i also have many years of experience in video- and sound production.

whether your project is still at the beginning – so we’ll develop a concept altogether – or you already did some work and need my expertise for some steps in post, you’re very welcome to chat with me about the questions you (and i;) have.

— keen to do cool things with purpose …

here’s a more detailed list of what i can do for you:

… of natural sounds (be it whole landscapes or individual animals) for zoos, wildlife sanctuaries and museums to create educational content and audio tours

… of machines or other processes of sonic interest for industrial or educational purposes

specialized in extremely low noise recordings of ambiances in broad stereo (binaural or ORTF)

also available are recordings of 3d-audio, underwater scenes and ultrasonic sounds

with portable setups, i’ll accompany you as a photo- and video journalist

helping you to find methods to serve your target audience with topics of value – and ways to produce them in a captivating manner

capture crisp, intelligible voices – and the ideas they are supposed to convey
if in line with your concept, i will gather all kinds of other sounds that might be beneficial to spice up your production

editorial dialogue editing – and creative sound design if wanted
mixing and mastering for a consistent episode appearance

hosting the episodes or helping you to do so
finding ways and services that fit your needs best

— for further details read here (german)

museums, national parks, tourism associations – it’s a wide field of interesting objects

finding and recording sounds
recording narrators or/and conducting interviews

sound design

release stage
according to your conception, together we line up an on-site audio installation – or i serve you quality content for your online presence

similar to audio tours, it’s about designing the sonic appearance of a given location; yet it’s always on-site: creating immersion within the analog realm

though, the combination with AR (or even VR) is not beyond all possibilities;)

however, with the right sonic layers, you inspire imagination, influence the emotional states of your audience – and make them leave reality in favor of the world you designed

— for further details read here

recording narrators
recording ambiences, foley and hard fx – or collecting them from my almost two-decades-long-grown archive

sound design
musical interpretation / music production
mixing and mastering

noise reduction and restoration – benefit from a profound skill- and toolset

i will meticulously set up individual batch routines

if nothing else helps – and it’s worth it for you – i can manually remove even complex interfering noises no algorithm is able of distinguishing from the wanted sounds you’d love to leave intact

no two lines of text could specify this issue

as a one-man-band – or with the kind backing of my fellow peers

editing of video and dialogue
sound design (including musical interpretation if needed)
mixing and mastering
color grading

no matter if you intend to book the whole package or rather a single segment of assistance, or even don’t know yet what to do anyway: just get in touch and let’s have a chat about your project:)

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