forest morning meditation

binaural meditation, recorded from the mossy carpet

as you press play, you’ll be transported to a soft moss carpet nestled amidst gentle trees.
with them you breathe.
and the day awakes with you, culminating in the mesmerizing sound of morning birds.

immerse in the healing power of nature sounds recorded on a fresh forest floor.
this meditative soundscape, suited to reduce stress and improve focus, offers a unique and restorative connection to nature – an oasis of tranquility, even amidst urban chaos. experience the transformative joy of mindful listening as it transports you to a serene space, nourishing your day with calm and focus. let nature’s symphony be your sanctuary.

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the sound of ancient phoenicia

museal soundwalk in the ancient levant – listen to historic vibes

audio impression of a long-gone phoenician market; offered was livestock and goods of daily use

somewhere in phoenicia, 200 bc.
the land still densely forested.
at least the part where i got stranded.

mediterranean virgin forest;
early morning, late spring.
the air thick with the scent of … – lavender and rosemary.

lesser whitethroats fill my ears, nightingales – and roosters from the colonies.

hear the cattle?!

sounds like calf …

steps i take, on solid ground.

now i can smell it clearly!
walking down the hill, to where the livestock market is.

lively phoenician livestock market, 200 bc

busy here. it’s teeming with two- and four-legged folks.
pausing for a second.


leave the scene inconspicuously.

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fever harvest

– bigotry & lead –

fever harvest

a preview edit of the first sequel of a series of five.
produced end of 2020, it’s the by-product of a photographic work eusepia lehe did for a grant. so video shooting was rather quick & dirty. – sooo dirty, look at this grain:)
only light source was the moon. exposed already 360°, once around the shutter wheel. motion blurs. boundaries dissolve (and that indeed looks much better, almost pleasing, before it gets squashed by the youtube compressor. at least the grain is sharp and tight in the offline master file); but that’s life: dark at night. no clear vision;
trust your ears, trust your scent!
because the editing process is on ice, i’ve chosen to upload this one anyhow, since the finish line might be ten years away … – if ever reached …

no money, no time … – you know this mundane affliction);

in any case, the subject was the epidemic, which was still a very hot issue at the time. eusepia targeted social distancing.
for my part, in “fever harvest” i took the liberty of contrasting it with another topic that was just as pressing at the time, especially in germany, but completely underexposed in the media. particularly if one considers that our handling of it was (and still is) so completely different: the individual counts for nothing, vaccination is done with a leaden bullet. no noteworthy efforts to deal with the very unpleasant african swine fever on a medical level. i understand that – who should pay for this crazy undertaking?!
but to kill masses of healthy wild animals to protect the sales of the pig fattening industry is quite a special kind of health care. fortunately, the measures against covid-19 were not that bad. because we value everyone’s right to integrity and love life.

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those blessed ones

those blessed ones
nothing more to say.
though the search engines required me
to throw in some more words …
– guess no one will search for this anyway …

what should they even look for?
sleeping kids? talking horses? a snappy horse beat?
who would do that?
for the sake of making words, who would do that?!

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living while we sleep

living while we sleep
all these fellows – naked and without insurances. but they rock their lives and obviously give a fuck.
decent sound source recommended

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frei und allein

frei und allein

eine oszillatorische Annäherung an Konzepte wie Seele und Insektensterben

Dazu zwei weiterführende Punkte:

  1. zur Seele: glaub, was du willst …
  2. zum Insektensterben: handle!!

Dass die Situation recht kritisch ist, sollte kaum jemandem entgangen sein; falls doch, hier nochmal eine Zusammenfassung zum Thema: “Der globale Insektenzusammenbruch” Wer schon alles weiß, sollte trotzdem auch die “Fünf Tipps für den Insektenschutz daheim” am Ende des Artikels beachten. Und da ist neben dem “Warten auf die Politik” noch ein wichtiger sechster Punkt, den viele ungern hören und verdrängen: kauft “Bio”! ( bio(s), griechischer Wortstamm βίος „Leben“:)

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