once we slept

audio production of alternative futures (and bygone ages)

  • creating virtual sonic spaces
  • enriching virtual realities
  • tailoring sonic fabrics
  • dressing real estate in vibrating garments
  • musical sound design
  • sound beds for meditating spirits
vision from above: alternative futures ahead like this vast ocean

sound designing better futures

as with eyes closed
sound enters our inner
opens boundless space within
so we see
and breath
and feel
without words,
stories gird the escapee

once we slept paints soundscapes. other worlds and better futures.

between ordinary and – not rarely – dystopian sounds, ows still strives to stay on track with its agenda: setting up the microphones not too far from the road towards utopia. it often seems a lonely path although …

yet, left alone, the mics entrap what shied away from human force;

soundbites from the road to utopia

welcome, contemporary!
take a dive to find odd worlds within you.
future dreams and sonic visions,
visions of utopia

in three nutshells, you are right here:
if you know how to use your ears
if you know how to hope
if you know how to fear

may the great oscillation be with us

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